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Project Description
OpenPowerPoint makes it easier to create and manipulate PowerPoint Files over the OpenXML SDK. Instead of writing 200 lines for a file say "createFile" and the library will do the work. You can fit every setting according to your circumstances. The Library uses the OpenXML SDK v2.5. The destination is to support manipulation and creation of PPTX files without having PowerPoint installed.

Development Pause:
As you might recognized, the project is currently frozen. I have a lot of work with my studies and on other projects. Expect the next couple of commits around march.

Bug Tracker

Release Notes:
The first Release is out now, it supports the most basic features to load a presentation and its contents. In this release, it is only possible to display the text placed on a slide, neither to save it nor colorized or with the right fontsize. Please be patient, this is the first release and we're just at the very beginning.

Releases RSS-Feed

  • Using OpenXML SDK v2.5 (former 2.0)
  • Wraps OpenXML crap into useful .NET objects
  • Does not occupy the file while loaded (OpenXML does)
  • No need in managing stupid relations - there's no need for them.
  • Easy implementation in WPF trough built-in dependency Properties
  • Easy chain calls with call-trough methods
  • No need in parsing binary or raw xml - Everything is packed in nice objects

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